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Details of IELTS Courses

IELTS Express A
– Build your vocabulary and review/learn a range of grammar which is essential for success at IELTS. Learn about the exam and how to approach it effectively.

Teaching method:

IELTS Express A is a course for lower-level learners who have never taken the IELTS exam before and need to review or learn grammar and also build their range of vocabulary to prepare for the exam. Students will also learn about the different parts of the exam, including the scoring criteria. There is a focus on writing sentences and paragraphs with accurate grammar and vocabulary. The vocabulary taught covers the range of topics that the IELTS exam is based on. There is a focus on reading and listening skills so that students feel more confident and are more able to quickly find answers to questions. The speaking part of the course encourages you to use the vocabulary and grammar that has been learnt but also focuses on enabling students to speak coherently and with good pronunciation.

After completing this course, students will:

– understand and know how to approach all four parts of the exam

– be able to write clear and strong topic sentences and develop coherent paragraphs

– be able to speak more confidently

– be able to use a wide range of vocabulary and grammar relevant to the exam

– be ready to study in a higher level IELTS course, IELTS Express B

Benefit from a 30 minute private tutorial & IELTS exam mock test:

Students can book 30-minute private tutorial to

receive feedback from an instructor looking at ways to improve their writing

take a mock speaking test and receive feedback and guidance on their performance


Tutors on our courses are experts in teaching IELTS. The tutors have been trained to teach IELTS by Richard Hallows (Academic Director at Westminster) who ensure they have an excellent understanding of the exam, and the best methods to help students succeed.

IELTS Express B
– This course covers a wide-variety of test-taking strategies and techiques with a guarantee of readiness to take the exam.

Teaching method

IELTS Express B is a comprehensive and intensive course for IELTS preparation in which all four parts of the exam are covered in detail, that is Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening.

Writing & Speaking: By understanding clearly what the IELTS examiner is looking for, we prepare students with the language and skills that they need to tackle these two parts of the exam successfully. Students focus on the types of question that come up in the exam, and on how to give answers which are coherent and answer questions fully. Students are helped to develop critical thinking skills so that they are able to to generate ideas which can then be fitted easily into essay patterns. Students are given ample opportunity to practice the different parts of the speaking exam, and therefore develop their confidence when speaking.

Vocabulary and Grammar: We build students’ vocabulary in the essential topic areas of IELTS study, and cover essentials of writing and speaking with complex sentences and a range a grammatical features.

Reading & Listening: Students learn how to read texts and find answers to questions quickly using a variety of reading techniques, including understanding the organisation of ideas in a text, reading for general ideas and specific information, and getting into the detail of information hidden in sentences. When students approach the listening test, we teach them how to anticipate answers to questions, listen for keywords, follow conversation structures, and learn tricks of how information may be hidden in the listening script. Both reading and listening require practice, and we provide unlimited opportunity to practice both in our study lab with answers being checked by our Student Success staff.

After completing this course, students will:

– have developed important skills, techniques, vocabulary, and grammar ready to help them score well on the IELTS exam

– have greater confidence and better time-management skills for test-taking

– be familiar with the IELTS exam

– be ready to study in our higher level course, Advanced IELTS, in the case that

students are aiming for higher scores. 

Benefit from a  30-minute private tutorial & IELTS exam mock test

Students can book 30-minute private tutorial to

– receive feedback from an instructor looking at ways to improve their writing

– take a mock speaking test and receive feedback and guidance on their performance

Teachers :

Teachers for this course are specialists in teaching IELTS. Many of our teachers are also IELTS examiners who assess students performance in the real exam.

Advanced IELTS
– This course benefits students who wish to get a higher score in IELTS, that is 6.5 – 7.5 and above.

Teaching method:

The highest level IELTS course offered by our school, this course focuses on language skills and test-taking techniques, and in addition helps students use higher level vocabulary and grammar.

Generally speaking, there is a greater focus on Writing and Speaking as we find that students at this level benefit more from teacher input on these ‘productive skills’. While there is often less focus on the Reading and Listening aspects of the course, these too are dealt with thoroughly, and students are encouraged to practice these ‘receptive skills’ in the study lab.

The success of this course is reflected by the fact that we are happy to offer a guaranteed score of 6.5 minimum – while very many of our students score much higher than this.


The teachers of this course are usually our veteran teachers, allowing them to bring their wealth of experience to the classroom. They are specialists in teaching IELTS. Many of our teachers are also IELTS examiners who assess students’ performance in the real exam.

Private Class
– Private individual Tutoring or Private Group Tutoring (group formed by students)

– We arrange a timetable upon your availability and wishes.

– You will improve quickly from very intensive attention from the teacher.

– Your teacher will directly address your specific weaknesses.

– Private students enjoy dramatic improvements in their writing and speaking ability.

– You can also create your own private closed group class

We offer a minimum of 20 hours for private courses.

Academic Essay Writing & University Preparation
– to prepare for studying overseas

This course prepares students to deal with their future studies at an overseas university. Students improve both their language skills and their confidence. It is suitable for students who have attained the desired IELTS score, but do not have the vocabulary/grammar nor the language skills to operate at university, or for students who have not achieved their IELTS score and have therefore been offered a place on a university pre-sessional course, but worry about passing the pre-sessional and perhaps not being able to start their degree course.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

– write an extended academic essay (around 1000 words) following the standard of English speaking countries.

– work through the stages of writing an extended essay, including reading critically, note-taking, summarising and paraphrasing, and referencing.

– deliver academic presentations much more effectively and much more confidently.

– deal with teaching and learning in a western setting

To reserve a place and for more information call

02-661-7495 / 02-661-7496 or Line: WESTINT



IELTS Course Timetable

We continuously update IELTS course schedule. Please call us for more information at

 02-661-7495 / 02-661-7496

Complete the form to receive our IELTS course schedule and special promotion

3 easy steps to apply for a course 

1. Take an 80-minutes placement test to find the right course for you

The placement test includes

• Writing

• Reading

• Grammar & Vocabulary

 • Speaking

 * If you already have an IELTS test score, you can use your score to bypass the placement test.

2. Check the class schedule and times which suit you.

• Weekdays

• Saturdays – Sundays

• for private classes , you can design a personalised class schedule.

3. Pay class fee in full

1. Transfer class fee to Siam Commercial BankBank

account name: 

Westminster International Co., Ltd 

Bank account number: 


2. Pay via credit card at every school branch

* Our school does not accept cash payment

Six Reasons

Six reasons why Westminster School of English is the leading school in IELTS and Academic English 

1. IELTS scores of at least 6.5-7.0+ guaranteed

Our school guarantees excellent scores for test-takers. On two occasions we have had our whole classes score IELTS 6.5-8.0.

2. High standard 

Westminster is the only school in Thailand that is authorized by the British Council as an IELTS test venue for both paper-based and computer-delivered formats. 

3. All of our courses have been developed by Richard Hallows

who has more than 25-years of experience in teaching IELTS, and is the author of IELTS Express – used by the British Council as their main IELTS textbook.

4. Highly trained, native-speaker instructors

The teachers at Westminster go through detailed training in order to teach our courses effectively. They are also native speakers of English who are dedicated to their teaching. 

5. Unlimited practice exercises and writing feedback

We offer an opportunity to use our British Council approved study lab to practice for the exam. You may ask for feedback on writing from our team of teachers as and when you do extra writing practice.

6. Excellent care from Wesminster Student Success team.

Members of our Student Success team are dedicated to help you attain your desired score. We have many resources to help you progress in your study and our specialised staff will provide you with additional exercises, as well as offering continued counselling.

Our Academic Director

Richard Hallows has been a teacher and teacher trainer for 30 years. He has worked in a great many UK universities teaching IELTS, and English for Academic Purposes (EAP), and teaching methodology. He most recently taught on the pre-sessional at Imperial College London, one of the world leading universities. He is the Co-author of IELTS Express, a multi-level IELTS preparation courebook which is used globally, including a number of British Council Centres. He has also written and presented various language teaching programmes on BBC radio, and written for the BBC ‘Learning English’ website. He currently lives in Bangkok, he has been the Academic Director at Westminster International School of English and IELTS Test Centre for a number of years. Here, he has developed an excellent team of teachers who deliver high quality courses for both IELTS preparation and EAP. He is still an active teacher who tries to find innovative methods of teaching IELTS preparation so that students, who may have previously struggled with English, are able to improve their writing and speaking skills quickly and achieve the IELTS band score they require. 

He stays up-to-date with the latest teaching methodology in EAP by often teaching on a pre-sessional course in a high-quality university in the UK summer. He has, over the years, worked in many universities, including Imperial College, Queen Mary and Sussex. 

Richard Hallows

Westminster’s Academic Director

Take IELTS at Westminster 

Westminster is authorized by the British Council as an official IELTS test venue both for both IELTS on Paper and IELTS on Computer. The institute is the first and only IELTS test venue that allows test takers to take both test formats. It acts as a public venue for any individual to register for the test. The venue is located in Jasmine City Building (Asoke), Sukhumvit 23. And the test date is available every month starting from the year 2019.

Why take the IELTS exam at Westminster?

1 ) Westminster is an authorized IELTS test venue from the British Council. We have friendly and efficient British Council staff and IELTS examiners to deliver the test. 

2 ) The IELTS exam conforms to the same IELTS test-taking standard by the British Council 

3 ) There are fewer test-takers compared to other IELTS test-taking venue. Westminster only allows 20 test takers, which means that test-takers do not feel too stressed, and do not have to endure a long stressful wait for the speaking part of the exam.

4 ) Test-takers will get to take IELTS in a relaxed and familiar test room as it is the same room that they may have studied their IELTS classes.

5 ) Getting to Westminster is easy and convenient as you can use  BTS Asoke station, or MRT Sukhumvit station. If you prefer to drive, we can offer you free 5-hour parking.


We are proud of our consistent test results and the feedback that we receive from our students. Below you will find many testimonials from students who have come to trust our quality courses and service.

Mr. Thanapop Juthavantana

IELTS 7.5 | Listening 8.5, Reading 7.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0

“Studying for the IELTS exam here allows you to take a mock exam which helps you to be familiar with the real exam taken in the exam room. Studying for the IELTS exam here, I had the opportunity to practice the four skills, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. More importantly, the teachers here equipped me with IELTS techniques to increase my scores in each part of the exam. Also, they guided me through how to manage different parts of the exam effectively and how to apply the techniques learned from them in the real exam. This helped me to save time and do well on the real exam. I had never taken IELTS, before I decided to study here. At that time, I did not know how to score well on IELTS exam. I took one course here and at the same time practiced doing mock exams at home. I scored 7.5 and it only took me two months to prepare myself for it. Moreover, teachers here were very dedicated to their teaching and to their students’ success. They checked up on my IELTS test results and hope for the best score for me. I can say that studying here, I did not only gain a lot of knowledge, but also met a wonderful consultant. WIN staff also were willing to help and give advice on studying, exam taking, university preparation. I felt content to study here.

P.S. I studied with teacher Ben. And I gave him a thumb up for his wonderful teaching and his devotion to his students.”

Miss Nutthamon Itthipoowadol

IELTS 7.5 | Listening 8.5, Reading 8.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0

“I had an opportunity to take both a private class and group class here at Wesminster.  Each teacher here dedicated their time to teach their students. I learned various test-taking techniques and I gained higher and higher scores every time I took IELTS. When I took a group class, there were not too many students in the class so everyone got well taken care of by the teacher. We got to practice all four skills required for IELTS. I also learned from possible mistakes from my classmates.

The reason why I decided to take a private class was because I wanted to increase my IELTS writing score to 6.5. I was already satisfied with my scores on other parts of the exam. I had the opportunity to study with Mr. Richard. He constantly gave feedback on my essay writing and equipped me with all important essay writing techniques. He had interesting teaching pattern. He made sure that I know all the basic knowledge of writing and add more techniques to help increase my writing score. 

Studying at Westminster gives me both knowledge and fun. I thank Westminster for helping me get 7.5 and to be able to study at Imperial College London.” 

Mr. Rachodbun Srimanus


“Choosing Westminster International to study for the IELTS exam was the right decision, as they had invaluable information concerning the intricate details of the exam that I didn’t know of beforehand. Initially, I tried to study at home, but I felt that I wasn’t studying on topics that were actually relevant in the exam. My sister and I studied with our new teacher, Joe, a very amiable person who was always willing to help us whenever he could. The daily doses of homework worksheets greatly helped me in practicing for the various types of essays and gave me the focus I needed. At the end of the course, my confidence in taking the test had greatly increased, and I walked out of the test room without much worry. I would like to thank my teacher Joe for teaching me tips that were very helpful in taking the test. I would also want to thank the staff for providing me with valuable resources that were not available to me at home.

I would highly recommend studying for the IELTS exams at Westminster International.”

Miss Wechapraan Srimanus


“Before attending IELTS classes in Westminster International my parents bought a huge stack of practice test books for the SAT, TOEFL and IELTS papers. As I flicked through them I became interested in taking the IELTS examinations. Unfortunately, we realized that we only had a few days left until the deadline to decide whether we should take them. After realizing that my time was limited I tried to study for what I thought would be on the exams. However, there was too much content to grasp, so my mother signed me up to an IELTS exam course in Westminster International. My teacher Mr. Joe gave me numerous advice and key points to study and get a good score for the different subject areas of the IELTS exam. Honestly, I could not have done this at home all by myself. Taking the IELTS exams has provided me with a great opportunity to further pursue my dreams. Westminster International helped prepare me beforehand with a customized, well organized plan for each of its students.I couldn’t believe it when I scored a 7.0 on the IELTS exam!

I couldn’t have done it without Westminster International.”

Miss Nuttanid Tossamartvorakul


“I’m very impressed with Westminster School because it has very relaxing teaching and learning environment. I took a 20-hour private class and I really liked it. The teacher walked me through every part of IELTS exam and equipped me with techniques to help me finish the exam within the time required and pointed out important parts in the exam to help more score well.”

Miss Nuttanich Luengteerapap


“My name is Pun and I decided to study at Westminster because I had a chance to do Mock Test IELTS Speaking Part at OCSC International Education Expo 2018 at Siam Paragon. I was very impressed because the examiner gave me very detailed feedback and helped me analyze my strengths  and weaknesses. He also attentively walked me through the speaking part. Westminster staff didn’t make me feel pressured and gave me useful advice (Apart from that, I had heard of the reputation of the school while I was searching for a place to study for IELTS). I was not forced to take several classes at the same time  but advised to take an intensive course which required a little time of studying . It’s worth taking the course  to save both your budget and time. I personally think that I have good foundation of English. However, I hadn’t used it for a long time so I forgot most of it. Studying here has helped me revive my English knowledge and improve my skills. They also gave me important test-taking techniques. So I scored well although I only had less than 2 months to prepare for the exam.” 

Miss Yanisa Sriprasertying


“I thank Westminster for helping me to gain a desired score. Even though the private  writing and speaking class I took was short, I have increased my knowledge and gained a lot of techniques I could apply in a test room. Personally I like Teacher Richard very much. He point out what I could do to improve my English. He also advised me what examiner wants and helped me improve my writing by using vocabulary or sentence structures appropriate for the student’s ability to increase band score. This is very important for those who want to increase their writing score in a limited time. Also, by taking a private class here, it has helped me to become familiar with having conversations with a native speaker which largely helped to reduce anxiety and nervousness when I had a speaking test. 

More importantly, I got enormous moral support and help from teachers and staff at Westminster and they gave me high confidence and success in IELTS exam.” 

Miss Kanchaporn Kiatsuarpanon


“ Before studying here at Westminster, I never liked English. But after taking a class here, I have started to like it and felt that English is not that difficult like I imagined. A fun teaching and learning environment here and approachable teachers made me happy every time I was in the class.” 

Miss Rattaporn Boothongkum


“ I decided to study here because my friend recommended this school to me and it’s convenient for me to commute from home to this school. What I like the most about the school is the fact that I got to study with a native speaker who helped me to understand what I’m doing but didn’t tell me to recite patterns useful for the exam. At the end of the coure, I got to take a mock test and received useful feedback from my teacher. And the score I received was beyond my expectation. Furthermore, Westminster staff were helpful and also gave me a good deal of moral support.” 

MD. Taweep Kamnerdkarn


“ I’m a doctor and I have a very tight work schedule. I was very picky at choosing a school to study for IELTS and expected to have a desired score after taking a course. I chose Westminster because of many factors such as excellent teachers, convenience in travel, and learning environment. What’s more, the school has WIN Education which is an agency assisting me in applying for a university to study in MSc Clinical Dermatology program. And finally I got to study at Cardiff University. If your priority in choosing a school to study IELTS is quality, Westminster will never fail you.” 

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